10 Marvelous Resume Templates With Warm Colors

Best Free Resume Templates With Warm Colors

Warm colors always create a positive impression, to the eye as well as to the mind. Including red, orange or yellow features into your resume is definitely a plus. Marrying a well-designed, easy-to-read layout with warm color elements will grab recruiters’ attention and make your CV land on top of the pile. Here is a marvelous selection of 10 free resume templates with warm colors that will help you make a difference!

Warm colors are the ones associated with the sun or fire. They are called warm because they trigger warm feelings into people, such as energy, love and happiness. The greatest advantages of these shades are that they are lively and easily noticed colors. Red, orange, yellow and all their different hues are the colors that are considered as warm. 

If you want to attract attention, yellow is certainly a great option. The eye is extremely sensitive to its wavelength, that is why it stimulates perception and also brain activity. It is ideal for focusing and remembering information, which is exactly what you want hiring managers to do with the contents of your resume. As for orange, it is an optimistic shade that has a revitalizing effect. Orange is a synonym of energy and a positive attitude. Finally, red represents strength, excitement and passion. Now it’s up to you to choose the best option according to your job aspirations and personality!

1. ROBIN: of milk and honey

ROBIN - Free Resume Template with Warm Colors

ROBIN offers a creative layout with a honeycomb design. Logically, it displays the usual colors associated with bees and honey: yellow. Indeed, you will find a light orange header and hexagonal shapes with different shades of yellow in which you can showcase up to 9 skills. You also have a hexagonal frame for your picture and another for references at the bottom of the page. This template is ideal to show your creativity, optimism and industriousness. No doubt it will create a buzz among recruiters!

2. STELIOS: orange ocean

STELIOS - Free Resume Template with Warm Colors

Three orange waves and a white header constitute the layout of this powerful CV template. With these dynamic shapes and the energetic color, nobody can ignore your resume! Moreover, remember that orange transmits enthusiasm, creativity and also determination. So enjoy the white header for your name, job title, profile and contact details and the three orange waves for your experience, education and skills. STELIOS is a bold, eye-catching option that will leave no one indifferent!

3. OEDIPUS: red planets

OEDIPUS - Free Resume Template with Warm Colors

You don’t need to have any complex with this OEDIPUS template! Show off your skills like you should. Indeed, the lower part of the page is dedicated to your talents and interests. Your abilities appear in the form of red bubbles of different sizes and hues of red, just like planets of a solar system. The area of each globe is proportional to your proficiency level, such as the intensity of the red shades. Besides, you can showcase your interests with original icons. Finally, the upper part offers a 2-column layout with a white background.

4. DEIMOS: yellow brick road

DEIMOS - Free Resume Template with Warm Colors

Yellow and black triangles and squares will pave the way to your success! Indeed, the strength of these two colors will delight recruiters. Furthermore, this modern CV includes an original left sidebar to showcase your profile and interests, and also your skills, thanks to a square cloud (or paved road) in which the bigger the square, the higher the skill. This template will lead you to your next job interview just like the yellow brick road led Dorothy inside the marvelous Land of Oz!

5. TOBIAS: the square orange

TOBIAS - Free Resume Template with Warm Colors

TOBIAS is a simple and clear CV template, but its vivid orange elements over a white background make it memorable. You will actually find a fun and friendly orange square in the top left corner with the word Hello. The header continues with your name and an orange rectangle where you can describe yourself in one word. The main body is easy to read, with a single column and the three indispensable sections: education, experience and skills.

6. KOSMOS: red from head to toe

KOSMOS - Free Resume Template with Warm Colors

KOSMOS: a red resume that is both powerful and elegant! It has a full-width header and footer of the same deep red hue. Below the header is another banner with a pink background for your contact details. All your subheadings, icons for your interests and bar charts for your skills also show the same deep red color. Besides, you can include your ID photo at the bottom left of the page. Show your passion with this intense red resume template!

7. IANTHA: the bright side

IANTHA - Free Resume Template with Warm Colors

IANTHA is a fresh, dynamic and modern option for your resume. The matching of a white background and a yellow left sidebar will give special brightness to your information. Furthermore, you can enjoy a stylish header with an oval shape that includes your photo, name, job title and contact details. In addition, the left part gives you enough space to include your profile, references and skills, displayed thanks to original data-driven donut charts. Always look on the bright side of life with IANTHA!

8. TEDORA: alternating currents

TEDORA - Free Resume Template with Warm Colors

TEDORA will definitely surprise recruiters thanks to its original layout and strong colors. On top, there is a full-width dark gray banner with your name and icons in brownish orange. The same color is used for the section titles which appear vertically-oriented in banners on alternating sides: experience, education, skills and interests. The dot charts for your skills and icons for your interests make your CV lively and easy-to-read.

9. TRYPHOSA: city lights

TRYPHOSA - Free Resume Template with Warm Colors

Time for a night ride in the city! The header of this CV template shows a photo of a city at night with light reflections over a river. This will give a special and cool atmosphere to your resume and highlight your name in a white font. Besides, the pale violet-red features bring refinement and warmth. You can include an ID photo and your skills and interests in the right-hand column. Let the city lights illuminate the way to your next job interview!

10. HYPATIA: a peach of a CV

HYPATIA - Free Resume Template with Warm Colors

Do you want to add a sweet touch to the bright colors of your CV? Then try this 2-column orange-pink template. If you want to show your warm and charming personality through a color, it has to be peach. The layout indeed includes an elegant left-column with two shades of this color. This includes a header with your name and a round frame for your ID photo, plus a lower part to display your education and skills with an equalizer chart.

We hope you like our selection of the 10 Marvelous Resume Templates with Warm Colors. Your feedback is very important to us. Share with us what is your preferred resume template in this selection.



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