Best Resume Templates To Beautifully Highlight Your Photo

Best Resume Templates To Beautifully Highlight Your Photo

Don’t be afraid to show your face! Even though in a few countries, resumes with photo are not commonplace, a great majority of them consider them customary. If you want to project a positive image, we offer you 10 resume templates with original picture placeholders.

One picture is worth a thousand words. The popular saying has never been truer. Indeed, the right attitude, look or smile in your photo can communicate a lot about your personality. Of course, it is not the most relevant part of your resume, but it can be the element that makes you stand out from the crowd of job seekers.

Except for Ireland, the UK, and the US, almost all countries find it standard to include a headshot in your CV. So, grab the opportunity to show something more than your skills, education and experience!

The choice of your photo should not be taken lightly! It needs to look professional and be appropriate to the position and company you aspire to. Your outfit also needs to be adequate to the job you are applying for: a suit for businesspeople or a chef’s jacket for cooking positions, etc. Finally, it needs to reflect your personality and inspire a positive attitude. Take a good look at our varied selection and choose your picture-perfect resume template!

1. DENNISTOUN: Like A Comic Hero!

Dennistoun - Free Resume Template with Speech Bubble Photo Frame

DENNISTOUN is a great option for creative workers to show their confidence and inventiveness. Indeed, your headshot appears in a rectangular comic speech bubble, like if you were a superhero! In addition, you can find gray dots around this frame, so typical of American comic books and pop artist Roy Liechtenstein. Nonetheless, the design of this CV will also show your reliability and seriousness thanks to a clean layout. Time to go from zero to hero thanks to this free resume template!

2. GREGORIOS: Center Stage

Gregorios - Free Transversal Creative Resume Template

Definitely an original option with its diagonal structure and white, gray, and purple backgrounds, GREGORIOS also offers the possibility to display a half-body picture of yourself in the center of your resume. What does that mean? That your photo will attract the recruiters’ attention right away. Moreover, you will be able to showcase your outfit and project a confident and positive attitude. Why not take the risk to send a highly original CV? The risk could pay off and get you the job interview you were waiting for!

3. YANNI: Be In The Frame!

Yanni - Free Ruby Polar Resume Template

Think outside of the box and show your picture in a circle! Indeed, your ID photo plays a significant role in this creative resume template. It literally stares you in the face! The moon-shaped frame, with a purple crescent shape in the bottom part, will highlight your face in the top left part of the page. Besides, the round shape of the picture placeholder matches perfectly the wavy two-part design. Thanks to this original template, you will be in the frame for the job you want!

4. NESTOR: You Are A Gem

Nestor - Free Purple & Diamond Resume Template

NESTOR is probably one of our most audacious options in terms of design! It starts with a purple background and almost futuristic geometric shapes. Your profile picture is no exception: it stands proudly in the center of the page inside a diamond-shaped frame. Your face becomes instantly the focal point and will be remembered by all employers who get to lay eyes on your resume. NESTOR is the right option if you are not afraid to be different and put yourself in the limelight.

5. ZOE: In Black And White

Zoe - Free Easy-to-Print Resume Template

If it were not for your photo displayed on the right side of the header, ZOE could be your classic, simple and professional template in black and white. Nevertheless, your headshot changes everything. You can indeed display your ID photo in black and white: the white background will highlight your picture and convey an impression of elegance, confidence, and modernity. This free resume template is ideal for workers who want to use a traditional layout yet adding a personal and original touch.

6. NEREUS: Don’t Be A Square!

Nereus - Free Professional Modern Resume Template

NEREUS offers you a traditional two-column layout, in which the main body stands over a white background with green titles. However, the left-hand sidebar, and especially the photo frame, is what makes this design distinctive. You can indeed display a prominent headshot in a squared frame that takes the whole width of the column. Your photo background is thus particularly important since it will set the tone for the whole resume. NEREUS is the proof you can be original even inside a square.

7. AJAX: In Full Height

Ajax - Free Pine Green Resume Template

The originality of AJAX shows right away with its plain green background. The other element that makes it so distinctive is the full-height picture of yourself on the right part of the page. You should indeed use an imposing photo with a transparent background. Due to the unusual size of the picture placeholder, we recommend you a half-body shot. So, rise to your full height and you will surely reach dizzying heights!

8. ZOSIME: From The Bottom To The Top

Zosime - Free Feminine Modern Resume Template

ZOSIME will give a touch of femininity to your resume, thanks to its pink and white elements. In addition, it offers a unique 2-column layout. On the left side, you will indeed find a full-height pink sidebar with your name and contact information, but most importantly, a large vertical picture placeholder to showcase your ID photo. You can therefore give a strong impression thanks to a half-body shot that will convey your strong personality.

9. IOLA: The Artist’s Choice

Iola - Free Urban Resume Template

IOLA is an ideal template for artists, designers, and other creative professionals. It also has an urban touch thanks to the original photo frame in the top left part of the page. Indeed, the imposing header includes a profile picture in a brushstroke placeholder inside a black-border box. Choose the photo that best represents your creative mind, and you can rest assured you will leave no employer indifferent.

10. ORIGEN: Like A Writer In A Magazine

Origen - Free Magazine-Style Resume Template

ORIGEN offers a layout with two columns of equal width, just like the columns of a magazine. Therefore, it makes it ideal for people searching for jobs in journalism or the publishing world. What makes the design even more balanced and original is the picture placeholder at the top center of the page, just above your profile. It will remind everybody of how the authors are introduced in a magazine article. Try ORIGEN and show everyone you are ready to write a new page to your life’s story!

We hope you like our selection of the Best Resume Templates To Beautifully Highlight Your Photos. Your feedback is very important to us. Tell us what is the one you would pick for your next CV!


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