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URBAN - Free Modern Peach Resume Template - ResumGO

URBAN – Modern Peach Resume Template

URBAN is a modern resume template that offers a clear layout and an original peach-colored diagonal header. It also has an eye-catching  black left column.
THORIN - Free Creative Blue Resume Template - ResumGO

THORIN – Creative Blue Resume Template

THORIN is a cutting-edge resume template with a creative blue header! It is definitely a sharp and original option to blow recruiters’ minds.
CASSIA - Free Wavy Yellow Resume Template - ResumGO

CASSIA – Wavy Yellow Resume Template

With its light-yellow wavy shapes, this free resume template will bring light, optimism, and movement to your talents and experience.
BRAM - Free Water Drop Resume Template - ResumGO

BRAM – Water Drop Resume Template

With its water drop design, recruiters will love this refreshing blue resume. No doubt they will read it until the last drop!
NOLA - Free Flash Resume Template - ResumGO

NOLA – Flash Resume Template

Thanks to its original lightning flash design, NOLA will leave recruiters thunderstruck. This free resume template is truly dazzling!

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How Long Should Your Resume Be? - Resumgo

How Long Should Your Resume Be?

“How many pages should I include in my resume?” is definitely a tricky question. 1-Page? 2-Page or more? Here is an article that might help you.
Everything you need to know about your resume objective - Resumgo

Everything You Need To Know About Your Resume Objective

We would like to shed some light on one of the most mysterious parts of a resume: the resume objective. We will try to clear all your doubts about this part.
Best Free Elegant Resume Templates

10 Elegant Free Resume Templates

Elegance can take many forms, textures, patterns and colors! It is true in art, architecture and fashion, but also in the design of your resume. …
Best Free Green Resume Templates

10 Green Free Resume Templates

Do you want to change your classic black and white resume to something more colorful? Why not go green? Not only will recruiters associate this …

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