10 Elegant Free Resume Templates

Best Free Elegant Resume Templates

Elegance can take many forms, textures, patterns and colors! It is true in art, architecture and fashion, but also in the design of your resume. That is why we have compiled a fantastic selection of 10 free elegant resume templates. Class and refinement are the common denominators of these curricula vitae. They are nonetheless varied enough for you to choose the one that fits perfectly your own personal idea of elegance.

The term elegance has two definitions that correspond exactly to what these free resume templates offer. One: the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner. Two: the quality of being pleasingly ingenious and simple. Indeed, elegance is not only an aesthetic notion but also a practical one.

If you are in search of a classic black and white CV or if you prefer a touch of color in it, you can find it in our selection. Navy or sky blue, purple and golden are indeed colors associated with the notion of elegance. You can also enjoy a great variety of features: 1 or 2 pages, 1 or 2 columns, white, gray or beige backgrounds, with boxes or header, with or without photo…  

The aim of combining a simple, easy-to-read layout with a stylish design is to cause a strong positive impression on recruiters. No doubt that they will enjoy a template that is harmonious and pleasing to the eye. However, they will also be delighted to spot all the information they need quickly and easily. An elegant resume can definitely make a difference between candidates of similar skills and experience. Choose yours and prepare yourself for your next job interview!   

1. HESIOD: diagonal elegance

HESIOD - Free Elegant Resume Templates

HESIOD is a modern option with blue and gray diagonal ribbons. You find them in the top left corner and next to each title section. These two colors give a business or corporate look to your resume. It also has a complete layout that allows you to include your summary, skills, and interests on the left. The main part on the right focuses on the most important information: professional experience and education, which you can describe in chronological order.

2. SOTIRIA: CV in the pink!

SOTIRIA - Free Elegant Resume Templates

The full-width pink header, along with its central white box, will highlight your name and job title in an elegant fashion. It will also give a touch of femininity to your resume. Moreover, you can include your ID photo in a round frame right below the header. As for the main body, it has a 2-column layout with fine gray dividing lines. On the left, you can showcase your profile, experience and references, while the left part is dedicated to your contact info, education history and skills. The beautiful and modern bar charts let you describe up to 10 of your abilities.

3. URIAS: beautiful blue banners

URIAS - Free Elegant Resume Templates

URIAS is another blue and gray option that has a corporate feel to it. It showcases a strong header made up of three horizontal banners. There is a thin dark blue one at the top and a larger lighter blue one in the middle, for your name and ID photo with a transparent background (you can also choose to omit it). Finally, the gray banner at the bottom is here for you to include your profile. The main body includes 2 columns with white and gray backgrounds. Hiring managers will particularly like the circular diagrams to display and grade your skills.

4. HORUS: the new black

HORUS - Free Elegant Resume Templates

Black over white does not only mean clarity and simplicity: it also conveys elegance. HORUS offers a classy design, mainly thanks to its black border and the horizontal lines that highlight your profile. Indeed, your professional objective stands out right below the header with your name. The rest of the page includes two clear-cut columns. You can display your contact details, references and skills (with a dot chart) on the left. The main part allows you to showcase all your professional experience and education.

5. CHARITON: golden opportunities

CHARITON - Free Elegant Resume Templates

Dark blue and gold are a perfect combination to convey refinement: they are indeed the colors of kings and queens! Psychologically speaking, gold is associated with passion and wisdom and blue with trust and intelligence. The royal blue header, the white background and golden icons, titles and bar charts for your skills create this amazing template fit for any field of word. It is nonetheless ideal for luxury, fashion and the wedding industries.

6. HYGINOS: discreet refinement

HYGINOS - Free Elegant Resume Templates

Small details can make big differences. The chic color combination, well-balanced structure and stylish fonts turn HYGINOS into a premium resume template. It shows blue and gold fonts over a light gray background and offers two columns separated by a fine white line. The right-hand column provides lots of space to showcase your skills and interests. The most characteristic feature is of course a white circle in the top right corner, which also serves as a rounded frame for your contact info.

7. ALLSTON: twice the class

ALLSTON - Free Elegant Resume Templates

Finding a 2-page resume template as classy as ALLSTON is far from easy! If you need twice the space, have twice the class as well! Each one of the 9 sections appears inside a white box over a beige background, making them both elegant and easy to spot. 2-page resumes such as this one are ideal for people who have a vast work experience, many skills and certifications or who apply for managing and leading positions.

8. HERO: we can be heroes, just for one day

HERO - Free Elegant Resume Templates

What if you were today’s hero or heroine? What if our HERO resume template got you the interview you were waiting for? Its light blue header is there to highlight your name, job title and summary statement. Then, its 2-column main body allows you to display harmoniously and efficiently everything you need: your skills and interests go on the right while the main part focuses on experience and education. For your next resume, don’t be afraid to trust a HERO! 

9. PENELOPE: born in the purple

PENELOPE - Free Elegant Resume Templates

It’s clear, it’s modern, it’s classy, it’s PENELOPE! In addition to the dark blue and white columns, you will find an elegant purple box to show your ID photo and contact information. Just like a child born in the purple, this template will put you in the spotlight and makes you destined for a prominent role in life. Convince your future employer with the solid sections of the main body: professional objective, experience and skills. You never get a job out of the blue, so why don’t you try purple instead?

10. SELENE: shoot for the moon!

SELENE - Free Elegant Resume Templates

SELENE bases its elegance on a perfect symmetry. In the header, everything is centered: your name appears in a stylish rectangle and your photo in a moon-shaped frame! Then, your contents are divided into 2 columns, with a gray vertical separation line and texts aligned towards the middle of the page. Finally, you can display your contact information in a full-width footer. So use SELENE as the space shuttle that will take you to the moon, that is your next job interview!

We hope you like our selection of the 10 Elegant Free Resume Templates. Your feedback is very important to us. Share with us what is your preferred resume template in this selection.



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