Best Free Single-Column Resume Templates

Best Free Single Column Resume Templates

Resumes can display a lot of different layouts. Among them, templates with only one column offer many advantages. For instance, they give you more space to describe your work experience and education history. They also provide a clear design that makes your CV extremely easy to read. These are some of the reasons why we have decided to offer you this premium selection of 10 free resume templates with a single column.

In recent years, resume templates with two columns have become more and more popular. However simple and classical a 1-column design may look, it can also bring numerous benefits to your curriculum vitae. For instance, showcasing your information in a single broad column gives a strong and solid impression to the reader. Besides, it provides a larger space for you to explain in depth your professional experiences, skills, and university degrees.

Except for a few specific fields of work, hiring managers tend to prefer a 1-column layout, as it is generally easier to skim through and find the information they need. Nevertheless, you need to choose the right 1-column template, that is the one that fits both the interviewer’s expectations and your own needs and personality.

That is why we have compiled these 10 varied and professional templates. Whether you want it simple, modern, or creative, with colors or in black and white, with or without header, border, or geometrical patterns, you will surely find the resume that will make you stand out from the crowd.

1. PHOTINE: The Watercolor Stroke

Free Single Column Resume Template with Watercolor Stroke

The key element of our PHOTINE template is undoubtedly its beautiful green header. It consists of an aqua blue brushstroke, ideal to highlight your name and job title. Right below, you can state your contact details and profile in two separate columns. However, the most important information of your resume is displayed in a wide single column. Besides, the experience, education, and skills sections are subtly separated by fine horizontal lines. Paint a great picture of your achievements and qualifications with this fresh PHOTINE template!

2. GLYKERIA: Reveal Your True Stripes!

Free Single Column Resume Template with Stripes

Time to show who you really are! Reveal your true stripes with this free GLYKERIA resume template! It indeed offers beautiful gray and light orange stripes for your header and to separate each section of your CV. All these banners are divided into three parts: photo, name, and contact details for the header and left gray part with icon, title, and gray part for the different sections. Nevertheless, you will display all your information in a single column. You can thus describe all your job experience and university degrees in a thorough way.

3. PARIS: The Force Of Numbers

Free Single Column Resume Template with Big Numbers

Do you need to showcase the key numbers or milestones of your career? This original feature will highlight your achievements and make you stand out from the crowd of candidates. You can indeed present them in a red bold font and embedded in teardrop shapes. As for the main body, the different sections consist of a single column. You can also rate your skills on a 5-point dot scale. Finally, you will find an elegant full-width red horizontal footer. For a stylish one-column resume template, we will always have PARIS!

4. CALISTO: Border Patrol

Free Single Column Resume Template with Blue Border

Just like the Greek nymph of the same name, this CALISTO resume template is of great beauty! It indeed displays a royal-blue border that provides elegance to your CV. Its 1-column structure layout allows you to expand yourself on your professional experience and education history. Nevertheless, the bottom part is divided into 2 columns: data-driven donut charts for your skills on the left and interests on the right. Show hiring managers that your resume has borders, but your talent does not!

5. DORCIA: Perfect Geometry

Free Single Column Resume Template with Geometric Shapes

DORCIA is definitely an audacious option for your resume: creative in its style yet classical in its structure! Indeed, it offers blue and orange triangles, circles, and double lines, for a modern and abstract look. It also has a light blue frame and a white border. Nonetheless, its single column provides a traditional chronological resume format with large spaces for your job experience and education. Moreover, you can include a long list of skills and your references at the bottom.

6. TAKIS: Orange Is The New Black!

Free Single Column Resume Template with Orange Header

The purest and brightest orange is what recruiters will definitely appreciate from this free TAKIS resume template. Remember that in color psychology, it represents creativity, enthusiasm, happiness, and energy. So, enjoy the orange header which will highlight your name. Besides, orange titles and vertical lines on the left side perfectly delineate each one of the three main sections: experience, education, and skills. The first two get the lion’s share while your skills can be described at the bottom thanks to an equalizer chart.

7. EUMELIA: A Class Act

Simple and Classy Single-Column Free Resume Template

Simple, classy, and extremely easy to read are the three inherent qualities of this free EUMELIA resume template! Simple because it has a classical black and white design. Classy because it shows subtle and elegant wavy lines at the top, highlighting your name by separating it from the main body. Easy to read because it offers three clear sections with a single column: experience, education, and skills. Then, impress your future employer with your sense of design and professionalism!

8. AENEAS: On The Crest Of The Wave

Free Single Column Resume Template with Wavy Shapes

AENEAS is proof that your resume can be both elegant and original, both professional and colorful! It includes three classy wavy abstract patterns that provide dynamism and enthusiasm to your CV. On the other hand, you will find a classic and clear layout made of 4 main sections: profile, experience, education, and skills. Each one is presented in a single column. Nonetheless, the left part is reserved for your titles and dates. Surf on the wave of success directly to your next job interview with AENEAS!

9. DEMETER: Be There And Be Square!

Free Single Column Resume Template with Stripes

Squares are not always boring! Just take a look at the stylish header with squared shapes of this free DEMETER resume template! You will find a dark gray block for your name and title and an elegant frame for your photo with a positive-negative effect. The four main sections, all of them with a single-column design, are divided by subtle lines. First, you can write a short resume statement to describe your objectives, then you can showcase your experience and education. Finally, you can list up to 6 of your skills thanks to beautiful green bar charts.

10. DIONA: Paint It Black!

Black Free Single Column Resume Template

Why not invert the classic black font over the white background? Why not try your chance with DIONA? It is indeed a sophisticated resume template with a black background. Its dark layout is a bold yet solid option if you want your CV to stand out from the pile of ordinary resumes. However original in its background tone, it has nonetheless a classic design with a single column, which enables you to describe your work experience, education, and skills. Moreover, you can specify dates on the left side. Give strength to your resume with this black template!

We hope you like our selection of the Best Free Single-Column Resume Templates. Your feedback is very important to us. Share with us what is your preferred resume template in this selection.


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