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URBAN - Free Modern Peach Resume Template - ResumGO

URBAN – Modern Peach Resume Template

URBAN is a modern resume template that offers a clear layout and an original peach-colored diagonal header. It also has an eye-catching  black left column.
THORIN - Free Creative Blue Resume Template - ResumGO

THORIN – Creative Blue Resume Template

THORIN is a cutting-edge resume template with a creative blue header! It is definitely a sharp and original option to blow recruiters’ minds.
CASSIA - Free Wavy Yellow Resume Template - ResumGO

CASSIA – Wavy Yellow Resume Template

With its light-yellow wavy shapes, this free resume template will bring light, optimism, and movement to your talents and experience.
BRAM - Free Water Drop Resume Template - ResumGO

BRAM – Water Drop Resume Template

With its water drop design, recruiters will love this refreshing blue resume. No doubt they will read it until the last drop!
NOLA - Free Flash Resume Template - ResumGO

NOLA – Flash Resume Template

Thanks to its original lightning flash design, NOLA will leave recruiters thunderstruck. This free resume template is truly dazzling!
VIRGIL - Free Dynamic Green and Black Resume Template - ResumGO

VIRGIL – Dynamic Green and Black Resume Template

VIRGIL has strong black and green backgrounds and a fresh diagonal design that will breathe movement into your resume.
WYNN - Free Black and Orange Resume Template - ResumGO

WYNN – Black and Orange Resume Template

This powerful WYNN resume template combines the enthusiastic and creative orange with the serious and intense black!
ROWENA - Free Stylish Purple Resume Template - ResumGO

ROWENA – Stylish Purple Resume Template

ROWENA is a modern and stylish resume template with purple elements. Iit offers an attention-grabbing section to display your skills with percentages.
DAKOTAH - Free Modern Gray Resume -Template - ResumGO

DAKOTAH – Modern Gray Resume Template

Gray is not boring: it’s both classy and exciting! Just check out this wonderful resume template which is both modern and elegant.
LAKE - Crystalline Sky Blue Resume Template - ResumGO

LAKE – Crystalline Sky-Blue Resume Template

IT is as cool and clear as the water of a lake! LAKE indeed offers a light blue header and a great photo frame to convince recruiters at first sight.
CYPRESS - Free Solid 2-column Resume Template - ResumGO

CYPRESS – Solid 2-column Resume Template

This 2-column resume template is as solid and elegant as a tree trunk. Its black header and vertical yellow banner make up a strong and clear layout.
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