10 Green Free Resume Templates

Best Free Green Resume Templates

Do you want to change your classic black and white resume to something more colorful? Why not go green? Not only will recruiters associate this color with luck, nature, balance and growth, but they will also visually enjoy this refreshing and calming hue. Green is indeed ideal to convey your energy, optimism and reliability. To this end, we offer you this varied selection of 10 free green resume templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides. Choose the option that best fits your needs and make everyone green with envy!  

Green is an option worth considering for your CV since it combines perfectly with black and white. All our templates therefore offer both an attractive and easy-to-read design. All the shades of green, from mint to teal, from jungle to forest green, will provide your resume with strength and dynamism. 

A touch of green on your resume is obviously ideal for jobs linked to the natural world, such as gardening, landscaping, agriculture or forestry. It is nonetheless recommended for any CV in which you want to highlight your generosity, stability, endurance, balance and strength to cope with adversity. Check out all these free modern and creative resume templates and give the green light to the right one!

1. BONFIM: geometric precision

BONFIM - Free Green Resume Templates

The design of this free BONFIM resume template is based on triangular shapes that bring dynamism to the layout. Two shades of green associate with a pale sandy color to create a beautiful contrast and an easy-to-read resume. First of all, you will find a dark green header that forms an elegant frame for your first and last names. Then, you have a light green sidebar to showcase your skills with a bar chart. This geometric design is perfect to convey your precision, energy and reliability.

2. SEMELE: a landscape to land the job

SEMELE - Free Green Resume Templates

What makes SEMELE so special is its colored footer representing a green landscape made of hills and trees that remind us of pines or cypresses. This free resume template is therefore ideal for fields of work such as outdoor sports, landscaping, forestry, agriculture, environmental protection or any other, if your objective is to stand out with an original CV. Indeed, there is a fresh, open and modern side to this resume.

3. ALECTA: light green for the green light!

ALECTA - Free Green Resume Templates

ALECTA is a beautiful resume template adorned with elements in blue-green. This teal shade of green conveys both energy and confidence. It is present in the transparent top banner to highlight your name over your photo, and also in various elements on the right column. You can indeed find equalizer charts for your personal and professional skills and icons for your interests. However, your main information, that is professional objective, education and experience, still gets the lion’s share. Thanks to this free green template, hiring managers will give you the green light for your next job interview!

4. RHODA: be in the frame!

RHODA - Free Green Resume Templates

RHODA offers an original design for your resume, mainly thanks to the gradient green border that creates an elegant frame around your information. The green titles, charts and icons will provide your CV with freshness. Besides, it includes all the sections you need: professional experience, education, and skills (using data-driven donut charts) on the right part. On the other side, you can insert your personal information, summary/objectives, and interests. Finally, light green lines and dots separate each section for a better readability.

5. HERMIONE: not as green as you look!

HERMIONE - Free Green Resume Templates

HERMIONE gets its inspiration from the famous Pantone design. You will indeed enjoy the square green background with your name at the bottom of the page. It is ideal to show you are not green, but that you have a lot of experience. The main and first part focuses indeed on your professional history. You also have plenty of space to detail your education and up to 8 skills thanks to a design with crosses. Finally, your name and contact information will stand out at the bottom of the page.

6. LACHESIS: green thumbs up!

LACHESIS - Free Green Resume Templates

If you want to go for a free original template with a botanical design, then LACHESIS is the one you need. You will indeed find a full-height sidebar photo of green leaves that makes it ideal for jobs linked to gardening, landscaping, agriculture and forestry. Of course, you can adapt the photo to any other plant or tree to make it fit your profile perfectly. Moreover, this design offers a clean 2-column layout that makes it easy to read. You can therefore highlight your profile, education, skills, references and job experiences. Hiring managers will appreciate your green thumb!

7. HESTIA: two sides to your story

HESTIA - Free Green Resume Templates

This free resume template for Word, Pages and Google Docs offers a 2-column layout of equal width. This design offers a mirror effect thanks to the white and green backgrounds on each side. On the left side, you can include your name, title, references and most importantly, your professional experience. The right-hand part is dedicated to your profile, education and skills, thanks to an equalizer chart. Enjoy this unique and creative design to stand out from the crowd and grab recruiters’ attention.

8. ZEPHYR: green on the grid

ZEPHYR - Free Green Resume Templates

If you want each part of your CV to be easy to read, why not use the grid design of this free ZEPHYR template? It offers a clear arrangement of dark gray text boxes with rounded corners which are highlighted by the green background. It therefore allows you to maximize space and include many clear-cut sections. Green titles and white fonts will help you make your information easy to spot and read. You will certainly get the pole position on the grid with this creative resume template!

9. PERSIS: green vibes

PERSIS - Free Green Resume Templates

Light green is a perfect color to inspire calm, confidence and vitality. The tea shade of green of the boxes and sidebar will indeed convey a positive feeling to hiring managers. This design includes a picture placeholder for your photo and a 2-column layout. The left box is ideal to highlight your skills in an equalizer chart with a dark green tone. Besides, you can write your profile in another green banner in the shape of a rectangular speech bubble that is linked to your photo. Say yes to the green vibes!

10. PAVLOS: teal drops, not tear drops!

PAVLOS - Free Green Resume Templates

The highly original header of this modern design will capture everybody’s attention at first sight. Indeed, you will find three rounded figures in the shape of water drops to display your name, contact info and photo. Moreover, it offers two shades of green, including the beautiful blue-green hue called teal. The white background and the clear titles of each section make it extremely easy for recruiters to spot the information they need in the blink of an eye.

We hope you like our selection of the 10 Green Free Resume Templates. Your feedback is very important to us. Share with us what is your preferred resume template in this selection.



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