10 Remarkable Resume Templates With A Colored Header

Best Free Resume Templates with Colored Header

Do you want to create an optimal first impression with your resume? Do you want to distinguish yourself from the crowd thanks to a professional and attractive template? A colorful header is certainly a great option to catch everybody’s attention at first glance. That’s why we invite you to take a look at our selection of 10 free resume templates which all include a remarkable header.

The design of your CV is of vital importance since it will draw attention to its content: your education, experience, skills and accomplishments. As its name indicates, the header is the top part of your resume and it is, therefore, the first thing the eyes of recruiters will see. An outstanding header, whether you want it modern, simple or creative, will always highlight your name and profession title. 

Don’t forget the importance of colors! Indeed, each one conveys different impressions. You should try to choose a color that stands in harmony with your personality and fits the job description at the same time. Thanks to our selection, you will be able to choose from headers with many different shapes and colors: rose, purple, green, gray, bright or reddish-orange, light or dark blue. You will surely fall head over heels for at least one of these free resume templates!

1. ROSEMONT: in the Navy!

ROSEMONT - Free Resume Templates With Colored Header

Navy blue is not only a deep and elegant color, it is also a shade that conveys reliability, stability and honor. This full-width dark blue header highlights your name and also includes your contact details. The dark blue color will create a strong impression on recruiters thanks to the sharp contrast it produces with the white background of the main body. This free ROSEMONT resume template offers a stylish design and a complete layout for you to display absolutely all your achievements.

2. SARA: the red-carpet treatment

SARA - Free Resume Templates With Colored Header

SARA is a free modern resume template with a clear two-column layout. Its more distinguishable feature is of course its elegant red and white header that is linked to the red right-hand side border. Diagonal lines create a box where you can state your name, job title and professional objective. Strength, energy and determination are the notions associated with the red color. You can also find it in the section titles and the skills dot chart. When hiring managers see this original CV, no doubt they will give you the red-carpet treatment during the job interview!

3. KALYPSO: Emberglow-ing colors!

KALYPSO - Free Resume Templates With Colored Header

If you want to try a less intense shade of red, then this emberglow template will be your pick. It indeed displays beautiful red-orange side borders converging with a header made of rounded banners. Your name and job title stand on the left banner and your contact information on the right. In the white middle part, you can insert your ID photo thanks to a round frame. Furthermore, this template has a clear one-column layout that gives you plenty of space to describe your education, experience and skills.

4. XENE: breaking the ice!

XENE - Free Resume Templates with Colored Header

Few templates are as creative as XENE. The light blue header represents the sky and the dark blue main body the sea. Moreover, it showcases a massive iceberg illustration as a background. The header includes the top part of this iceberg with your name, photo and objective statement. This iceberg visual metaphor allows you to make the hidden part of your skills and experience visible to the eyes of recruiters. With such an outstanding resume, you have the best icebreaker for your next job interview!

5. MELINA: gray matters!

MELINA - Free Resume Templates With Colored Header

Looking for a discreet yet different resume template? Why not try the undulating gray shapes of MELINA? On top, a lighter gray wave highlights your name, job position, and contact information. This header is both serious in color and modern in shape. Besides, another dark gray shape can be found at the bottom right of the page. Finally, this template is perfect to display and describe as many as 11 of your skills in the right column! So show your gray matter to recruiters and be sure to land your next job interview!

6. KARPOS: blue ribbons

KARPOS - Free Resume Templates With Colored Header

KARPOS offers you a highly original dark blue triangular header. This allows you to highlight your name and profession and include your ID photo on the left. In addition, you will find two other ribbons with lighter shades of blue beneath it. It also has a clear two-column layout with a left sidebar that features your contact information, objective statement and skills. Recruiters will definitely award you a blue ribbon with this elegant and easy-to-read resume template!

7. EFIMIA: born in the purple

EFIMIA - Free Resume Templates With Colored Header

EFIMIA is plainly and simply a stunning resume template! Its design combines a classy gray left sidebar and an attractive magenta header. Right in between stands a round frame that is perfect to display your ID photo. Besides, the reddish-purple tone of the header and section titles will convey a strong and creative impression to your future employers. You can also take advantage of the large right column to present your experience and education over a clean white background. Enjoy the privileges of a resume template born in the purple!

8. SOTIRIA: everything is rosy

SOTIRIA - Free Resume Templates With Colored Header

SOTIRIA stands out thanks to its elegant full-width pink header. Inside it appears a white rectangle with a fine gray border. This CV template is all about grace and femininity. The light pink hue transmits a soothing effect and values such as compassion and thoughtfulness. This noticeable header combines with an original 2-column layout and a centered round photo frame. Thanks to SOTIRIA, you can rest assured everything will be rosy in the garden – the garden being your next job interview!

9. TAKIS: squeeze an orange

TAKIS - Free Resume Templates With Colored Header

Employers always want to squeeze an orange, that is to make the most of what their employees have to offer. So show all you can do thanks to this free TAKIS resume template! The strong bright orange is mainly present in its header, but also in section titles, left sidebars and skills bar chart. Orange conveys adventure, optimism, self-confidence and sociability. TAKIS may be a bold option (maybe not for everyone!) but it will definitely draw attention to your resume.

10. AGOT: the rub of the green

AGOT - Free Resume Templates With Colored Header

It’s hard to have a more prominent header. In AGOT, it takes almost one-third of the page and includes two parts in distinct shades of green. The central darker green part has a trapezoid shape and includes your name, job title, professional statement, and contact details. Green is not only the color of money! It is also associated with growth, vitality, and renewal. So renew your resume and try your luck with AGOT!

We hope you like our selection of these 10 Remarkable Resume Templates with a Colored Header. Your feedback is very important to us. Share with us what is your preferred resume template in this selection.



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