10 Perfect Resume Templates To Highlight Your Skills

Best Free Resume Templates to Highlight your-Skills

Your education history and work experience are obviously essential parts of your resume. However, you can sometimes make a difference by highlighting your skills in an optimal manner. Showcasing, describing and grading your abilities is certainly a way to convince recruiters. Now you just have to choose from our amazing selection of free resumes specially designed to draw attention to your skills!

When redacting our resume, we tend to focus a lot on education and experience, which is entirely logical. However, we should emphasize our personal and professional skills just as much as the other two sections. Indeed, your abilities might be what makes the difference with other candidates at the moment of landing a job interview. Remember you can include your hard skills (languages, computer and technical skills) and your soft skills (also known as people skills or social skills): integrity, empathy, creativity, leadership, active listening and communication, to name just a few.   

There are many different ways to spotlight your skills. In this selection, you will find detailed lists, donut, bar, dot and equalizer charts! We also offer you resume templates with original ways to display your abilities: a word cloud and hexagonal cells, for instance. Now use your decision skills to pick the template that will best fit your needs!

1. BACONGO: to the best of your ability

BACONGO - Free Resume Templates to Highlight your Skills

BACONGO is a classy and powerful resume template. The red color conveys passion and intensity and the clear layout makes it easy to read. Right below your ID photo in its original water drop frame, you will find the right-hand column, solely designed to highlight your professional skills. Over a white background, you can list up to 6 of them. Most importantly, you can grade them thanks to a bar chart and also describe them in detail.

2. HANNAM-DONG: raise the bar

HANNAN-DONG - Free Resume Templates to Highlight your Skills

No doubt you will stand out from the crowd with this free CV template for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Google Slides! Everything is original about it: the black and golden-brown combination of colors, the abstract decorative lines and geometric shapes, and also the bar chart for your skills. The left lower part of the page allows you to showcase 8 skills. The brown bars allow you to include the name of your skill and the percentage of mastery, which is also reflected on the length of the bar.

3. SOUSANNA: 110 percent

SOUSANNA - Free Resume Templates to Highlight your Skills

SOUSANNA brings you a clear layout made up of five rectangles, one for each section. The one that includes your skills stands on the right side and will catch everyone’s attention at first sight. Indeed, it has a white background and large black percentages that you can associate to the name of each one of your 8 skills. Do you wish to highlight your skills more than anything else? Then SOUSANNA is the free resume template you need!

4. EUTERPE: enter the lists

EUTERPE - Free Resume Templates to Highlight your Skills

Are you looking for a fresh and elegant template that is also extremely clear and easy to read? EUTERPE offers you a white background and a stunning watercolor sidebar on the right. The top part displays your contact details and the bottom one your references. Yet the main part allows you to list your many skills. You can indeed describe in detail 8 of your professional and personal abilities. This list might make the difference when recruiters discover your many talents!

5. HAIDES: dollars to doughnuts

HAIDES - Free Resume Templates to Highlight your Skills

Let your skills shine! HAIDES offers a gray background for most parts of your CV. However, the right sidebar has a yellow background over which your skills are highlighted. The contrast is so strong that your look is instantly attracted to the donut charts that illustrate your skills. You can indeed name up to 6 skills inside the circles, that you can adapt to the percentage of proficiency of each one. With HAIDES, it’s dollars to doughnuts that you will land the job interview!

6. USIRIS: equalize your skills like a DJ

USIRIS - Free Resume Templates to Highlight your Skills

Let’s point out something rare enough to be worthy of note: USIRIS gives the same importance to your skills as to your experience. At the top of the right column, as wide as the left one, there is a beautiful bar chart that allows you to showcase up to 9 skills. Over a fancy gray background, you will find 9 lines upon which you can place a cursor to show your level of mastery in each one of the skills. It looks just like the mixer table of a DJ!

7. KLYTIE: on a cloud

KLYTIE - Free Resume Templates to Highlight your Skills

Time to get creative and surprise hiring managers with a rarely seen feature: a word cloud to display your skills. This is not only fun and creative but it also enables you to show a huge number of skills: around 20! By intercrossing white and green words horizontally and vertically, you can show your true colors! You can even emphasize your greatest talents by increasing the size of the font. Reach for the clouds with KLYTIE!

8. KOLONAKI: let recruiters connect the dots

KOLONAKI - Free Resume Templates to Highlight your Skills

KOLONAKI strikes the eye right away thanks to its original colors, and especially the light orange backgrounds of the header and left column. This part includes your references at the bottom, but most importantly, an attractive dot chart to show your skills. You can indeed display up to 10 hard and soft skills and grade them on a scale from 1 to 8 by coloring the dots in green.

9. DAMOKLES: green highlight

DAMOKLES - Free Resume Templates to Highlight your Skills

Clean, stylish and fresh with its white background and green font, DAMOKLES is a great modern option for your CV. The whole page is white, with a single exception: the green vertical shape in the middle of the right sidebar. The objective of this design is clear: highlight your skills. Moreover, you can rate each of your 8 skills on a 5-point/dot scale. So don’t hesitate to give the green light to DAMOKLES!

10. ROBIN: a different ball of wax

ROBIN - Free Resume Templates to Highlight your Skills

ROBIN is certainly one of our brightest and most original designs. The different shades of yellow project a positive image. Moreover, the most visible feature is a combination of 9 hexagonal cells at the top of the page, that remind us of a honeycomb. Inside each one of the cells, you can showcase your skills with acronyms, initials or the full name. With ROBIN, you can show that you are the queen of the hive, that is the best candidate for the job!

We hope you like our selection of the 10 Perfect Resume Templates to Highlight your Skills. Your feedback is very important to us. Share with us what is your preferred resume template in this selection.



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