Best Simple And Professional Resume Templates

Best Simple And Professional Resume Templates

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. As far as resumes are concerned, many recruiters definitely agree with Lao-Tse. That is why we are proud to present you our 10 most popular simple and professional resume templates. All of them are free and available for Word, Pages, and Google Docs.

Remember that your CV says a lot about you. It is indeed your first contact with hiring managers. That is the reason why your resume design needs to be flawless to catch their attention at first glance. If you need to transmit your seriousness, organization, and reliability to future employers, our selection of the best simple and professional templates are exactly what you need.

If you want to clinch a job interview, your resume has to be beyond reproach, both in its content and its form. A clean and easy-to-read layout is what is expected from your resume in most fields of work. The 10 CV templates we recommend you offer many options to highlight your achievements in a clear manner.

With or without a photo, with grids or boxes, with or without borders, with one, two or three columns, with a touch of color or in black and white: everyone should find the simple and professional curriculum vitae that fit their needs.

1. TIMO: Your Favorite Choice

Timo - Best Simple Professional Resume Template

In our “Best simple and professional resume templates” selection, TIMO is our best-seller. Well, not really because all our resume templates are actually free! What is the secret of its popularity? It is simple, stylish, and extremely easy to read: the epitome of professionalism. It has a one-column layout to describe your education and experience. Besides, the distinguishing feature of this black and white curriculum vitae are the vertical thick lines, which serve as dividers between the years and your key experiences and education diplomas. Why not try your luck with this all-time favorite?

2. NYX: The Two-Column Option

Nyx - Two-Column Simple Resume Template

If you prefer a resume with two columns, NYX is definitely a prime choice. It offers the advantage of a clear layout, with a larger space on the left column for your profile and above all, your work experience. On the right-hand sidebar, you will find a special place for your education and skills (you can actually list and describe them). In addition, you can enjoy a classy header for your name, profession, and contact details. Give NYX a chance and get ready for your next job interview!

3. BAKCHOS: The Spirit Of Our Era

Bakchos - Clean Resume Template

BAKCHOS is also a clean resume template with two columns. However, this one offers a one-color design. The elegant green tone is present in every section title, your name, and in the full-height border on the left. This modern design also includes light gray vertical and horizontal lines that separate each section. This free resume template is a perfect example of a contemporary CV. It is simple, refined, and easy to read: the right choice for many job seekers.

4. SELENE: A Classic With Photo

Selene - Classic Resume Template

SELENE has everything we expect from a classic resume template. However, it possesses various features that make it special and easily distinguishable. First, it includes a circular picture placeholder for your photo. Secondly, it has a 2-column structure with a division exactly in the middle of the page: your objective statement and experience go on the left, and your education and skills (horizontal bar charts) on the right. Finally, your contact details will appear in a full-width footer. Recruiters will be over the moon thanks to this free SELENE resume template!

5. MILTIADES: Write Inside The Box, Think Outside The Box

Miltiades - Framed Resume Template

With this free MILTIADES resume template, you will again find the classic black text over a white background. However, it possesses a characteristic that will make your CV extremely clear and easy to read: it has boxes for every single section. Indeed, each part is nicely displayed in a box with thin borders. You can find full-width frames for your profile statement and experience and also two blocks on the same level for your education and skills. Show everyone what you have in your box of tricks!

6. HORUS: The Black Border Option

Horus - Black Border Resume Template

Our HORUS design will surely make a strong impression on recruiters. It is mainly due to its black border that constitutes an elegant frame. At the top of this classic resume template, you will also find two discreet lines that form a stylish header that brings your professional profile to light. Below it, the two-column structure with separating lines will make it extremely easy for readers to find the information they are looking for. So fly along with HORUS to your next job interview!

7. EIRENE: A 3-Column Layout

Eirene - Three-Column Resume Template

To edit and customize your CV will be easy as one-two-three. This free 3-column resume template has a clean layout with each section clearly separated thanks to fine elegant lines. The left column displays your name, contact details, profile, and skills. The center and right columns allow you to describe your employment history, with a colored icon to distinguish each experience. Below, you will find space for education and even your interests. EIRENE is definitely one of our most complete and attractive CV templates!

8. NOMIKI: The Grid Resume Template

Nomiki - Grid Resume Template

NOMIKI is a free simple resume template in the shape of a table for you to include all your information in a crystal-clear manner. Indeed, fine vertical and horizontal lines separate each section to create a grid that improves readability. Its simplicity is what makes it particularly elegant and attractive. In the narrower left column of the table, you will find section titles and dates, whereas on the right, you will find enough space to detail every relevant information. So put all your cards on the table and convince hiring managers you are the best candidate!

9. LEANDROS: Just A Touch Of Color

Leandros - Simple Professional Resume Template

Most simple and professional resume templates are in black and white. Nevertheless, a little bit of color can do no harm! On the contrary, you can distinguish yourself and your resume could well end up on the top of the pile. The blue color, present in section titles and skill bar charts, brings a light and elegant touch. Of course, you can change it to any color that fits best your personality or field of work. Show your true colors with this free LEANDROS CV template!

10. VASILIKI: Wide Margins And Black Corners

Vasiliki - Black Corner Resume Template

This free VASILIKI resume template gets its fancy design from the wide margins that form an elegant frame. Besides, it includes two discreet and stylish black triangles in opposite corners. In terms of content, you will find 2 columns to describe your work experience, education history, and references. At the bottom of the page, you have plenty of space to highlight your skills. With VASILIKI, it is possible to stand out, even with a classic resume template!

We hope you like our selection of the Best Simple And Professional Resume Templates. Your feedback is very important to us. Tell us what you think of it!


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