Best Free Modern Resume Templates

Best Free Modern Resume Templates

It is high time you gave a fresh look to your resume! You definitely need a clear and elegant resume with a modern touch. Indeed, the right template will help you enhance your chances to get the job interview you want. To that aim, we offer you our 10 most popular modern resume templates, available for free in three different formats: Word, Pages, and Google Docs. Pick the one that best fits your personality and aspiration!

What does the word modern mean? It means that you deeply understand the fast changes our society faces, and you know how to embrace the spirit of your time. It also implies that you are not afraid to depart from traditional styles and values. As far as your resume is concerned, its design must illustrate these principles and portray the kind of person you really are.

ResumGO offers you more than 150 modern CV templates but we decided to present you a varied selection of our 10 most popular ones. You will find colorful or black and white designs, with one or two columns, with geometrical shapes and backgrounds, with or without a photo, header, or footer. Nevertheless, there is one thing that these 10 resume templates have in common: their dynamic and contemporary styles will help you distinguish yourself and land the job interview of your dream job.

1. DESMA: The Winning CV

Winning Free Modern Resume Template

DESMA is the most popular of our modern resume templates and there are certainly good reasons for it! Its 2-column structure with gray and white backgrounds makes it extremely easy to read. Moreover, you can include all the information you need, from the indispensable experience, education, and skills to profile, interests, and references. You will also find a stylish banner to showcase your name and another rounded shape box to include your contact details. DESMA is the perfect alliance of a professional structure with a modern design!

2. DIANTHA: The Green Choice

Green Free Modern Resume Template

Not only has DIANTHA an original and creative design but it also offers perfect readability, thanks to its soothing light green color and its spaces free of text. The broad green header allows you to highlight your profile or professional statement. You can also rank your skills thanks to the bar chart on the left column. Besides, you can showcase your photo in the original picture placeholder: recruiters won’t forget your face! This design will show them you are both a reliable and creative worker.

3. ALEXIUS: Your True-Blue Ally

Blue Free Modern Resume Template

If green is not your color, why not try this modern sky-blue resume template? ALEXIUS is both stylish and efficient. You can indeed attract attention with the top blue banner and display all your information in a balanced way. You can use the left-hand sidebar and its light gray background to showcase your profile statement, skills (with blue horizontal bars), and references. Don’t be afraid to aim for the sky! This free modern CV template could well be the one-way ticket to your dream job!

4. PAVLOS: Teal Drops

Teal Drops Free Modern Resume Template

Why is this free PAVLOS CV template so attractive to the eye? First, it uses one of the most soothing colors there is, i.e., the light green hue called teal. Secondly, it offers rounded shapes at the top of the page: they look like drops of water falling from the sky. They form harmonious frames for your photo, name and title, and contact information. In addition, the main body has a clear 2-column layout for you to display all your skills, experience, and assets. PAVLOS is a drop-dead gorgeous option for your resume!

5. DEIMOS: Fair And Square

Fair Square Free Modern Resume Template

If you prefer squares to circular shapes, don’t worry we have a very tempting proposal for you. You should definitely try our free DEIMOS resume template! It offers intense black and yellow colors that show your dedication and a clear layout to describe all your achievements. The left border will highlight your profile description, skills (with an original square cloud), and interests, leaving plenty of room on the right part for your experience and education. No doubt you will get the job fair and square!

6. ALETHEA: In Sharp Contrasts

Sharp Contrast Free Modern Resume Template

ALETHEA is probably one of the most elegant CV templates we can offer you. It is mostly due to its elegant dark blue and white color combination. This polarity is reinforced by the perfect symmetry of the design. It has indeed two columns with exactly the same width. The left side is for your profile, contact info, and education, whereas the right-hand side is dedicated to your professional experience and skills, which you can rank thanks to horizontal slider arrows. On top and in the center, your photo will appear between your first and last names! Join the navy-blue fans and get ready for your next interview!

7. CHARITON: The Golden Touch

Golden Touch Free Modern Resume Template

Together with white and navy blue, our free CHARITON resume template combines gold elements: the perfect alliance of royal colors! It is definitely the theme we advise you if you want to convey elegance, luxury, and sophistication. The fancy blue header sets the tone for the rest: a one-column layout over a white background and golden titles and skill bar charts. Show your good taste and go for the gold!

8. ERIS: A Stroke Of Genius

Stroke Free Modern Resume Template

Why don’t you give your CV a fresh coat of paint? The brushstroke of our free ERIS template is original and classy at the same time. The trail of paint on the left side serves not only as a decorative element but as a background for your contact info, education, and references. It also forms a creative frame to place your photo. This resume template has a modern and arty touch while conserving a clean and professional structure: a masterpiece that could turn into your dream job!

9. OULIXES: Ahead Of The Curve

Curve Free Modern Resume Template

Curvy lines and three different background colors are what make this OULIXES free resume template so stylish and easy to read! It offers indeed concave banners on the top and on the left side with elegant blue-gray tones. Thanks to this dynamic design, every section is clearly separated. You even have a round picture placeholder for your photo, right above your name who appears in a fancy handwritten font. Clear, classy, complete, dynamic, and professional: OULIXES will certainly take you to the next level!

10. TITOS: Modernity In Black And White

Black and White Free Modern Resume Template

“Black and white always look modern, whatever that word means”, the famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld once said. A black and white resume template does not necessarily mean simple and traditional. TITOS is a perfect example of a free modern CV without color. It offers indeed dynamic separating lines and boxes, a modern font, bar charts for your skills, and icons to represent your interests. It is the ideal option to stand out from the crowd with a serious black and white resume with no photo.


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