Best Creative Resume Templates

Best Creative Resume Templates by ResumGO

“Creativity is intelligence having fun”. This famous quote by Albert Einstein is a definition that fits perfectly the 10 creative resume templates of our selection. You don’t have to wait for the job interview to demonstrate that you are a smart and creative person. Your CV can show that you know how to think outside of the box! So, look at our 10 most popular creative resume templates and choose the one that was made for you!

If you want to single yourself out from the crowd, if you are ready to be bold and take calculated risks, it is time for you to elaborate a more audacious version of your resume. We offer you so many distinct options that it will be easy for you to spot the one that best reflects your personality. Besides, you can rest assured that all our templates are visually attractive while offering an easy-to-read layout.

Hiring managers like a good surprise! When browsing a pile of resumes, they will spot directly the one that stands out: that CV should be yours! We offer you a curated selection of creative templates with one or two columns, with lines, circles, squares, or triangles, with white or colorful backgrounds, with or without photo. A great number of work areas require creativity on your part. Show your inventiveness from the start with an outstanding creative resume!

1. IRIS: Connect The Dots

IRIS - Blue Creative Free Resume Template - ResumGO

Connect yourself to your future employer thanks to IRIS! Our most popular creative resume template offers an original design made of lines that link your central photo to every part of your resume. The oval-shaped frame of your picture connects with your contact info in the sky-blue header, where you can also state your names, title, and profile. Your photo is also united to the three columns of the main body: education, experience and skills, and interests in the third one. IRIS is the direct connection to your next job!

2. NEPHELE: Virtuous Circles

NEPHELE - Creative Free Resume Template - ResumGO

Sometimes you might feel like you are going around in circles when looking for the right resume template. Well, that is an idea! Why don’t you try our NEPHELE design and its creative circular design? Your photo, as well as your main information, is displayed in white bubbles over an elegant gray background. The main circle focuses on your professional experience, while two other rings are dedicated to your education and interests. Even your skills can be highlighted in circles on the right-hand-part. Your virtuous circle starts with a successful resume!

3. ENVO: Larger Than Life

ENVO - Eye-Catching Free Resume Template - ResumGO

Do you need to show that you are one of a kind? ENVO is a free eye-catching resume template with an outstanding header. Indeed, the top half of the page is a two-part header, with your name, job title, personal information, and your customized statement on the green left part and your skills on the right. Moreover, your high-resolution ID photo will form its background. Then, you will find a 2-column gray banner for your experience and a white one at the bottom for your education and interests. ENVO is the resume template for people who dream big!

4. KLYTIE: Playing With Words

KLYTIE - Creative Free Resume Template with Word Cloud - ResumGO

At first sight, KLYTIE looks like a rather classic option for a CV. It shows no photo and has a simple and easy-to-read two-column structure. Nevertheless, you will find an original feature at the bottom left of the page: a word cloud to list all your skills. You can show your creativity by writing your many skills in different sizes, horizontally or vertically, with a green or white font. This very complete KLYTIE resume template will make a strong impression on any recruiter. You can take our word for it!

5. GREGORIOS: Put Yourself At The Center

GREGORIOS - Transversal Creative Free Resume Template - ResumGO

GREGORIOS is definitely not made for traditionalists. It has an unconventional layout that will not let your CV go unnoticed. Indeed, you will find three clear-cut parts divided by transversal lines. On the lower part, you can describe your experience over a purple background and your education over a gray one. The upper white part is divided into two columns and leaves a large space to list your skills. Another distinguishable feature is your photo, which goes exactly in the center. Are you ready to take the risk? It could well pay off with a job interview!

6. TOTH: Show What You Can Do

TOTH - Portfolio Creative Free Resume Template - ResumGO

We are well aware that a resume is not a portfolio. Even so, what if you could include some pictures of your best work directly on your CV? That is what our free TOTH resume template offers you. The right sidebar includes picture placeholders to display the images of your creations or best work. This beautiful theme is perfect for photographers, artists, craftspeople, designers, and anyone who wants to reveal their talents. Don’t be afraid to show off a little bit!

7. NESTOR: Diamonds On The Inside

NESTOR - Purple Diamond Free Resume Template - ResumGO

This free NESTOR resume template is more than modern, it is almost futuristic! Thanks to its unique design made of geometric shapes and its intense purple background, rest assured that you will leave no one indifferent. The perspective lines draw attention to your photo in a diamond-shaped frame in the center. Underneath it, there is a large space for you to showcase your skills. Show everyone you are not a diamond in the rough anymore but a perfectly cut gem!

8. ZONA: Flower Of The Flock

ZONA - Blue with Flowers Free Resume Template - ResumGO

If you are looking for an original option that is both creative and discreet, elegant, and well-organized, the floral background of this free ZONA resume template is definitely an option to consider. It is also ideal to highlight your skills thanks to the left sidebar where you can list up to ten skills and grade them with percentages. Moreover, the light-blue background inspires both seriousness and calmness. All in all, ZONA will make you the flower of all the candidates!

9. EUNIKE: Flying Colors

EUNIKE - Colorful Creative Free Resume Template - ResumGO

EUNIKE can be considered the opposite of ZONA in terms of discretion. This free resume template is like a firework of vibrant colors: it displays yellow, red, and blue elements with blocks and a main white part for your main information. The use of primary colors and boxes gives a lot of energy to your CV. This audacious option also has a black header with a photo. Each section is indeed very easy to spot and read. With EUNIKE, you will certainly pass your job interview with flying colors!

10. NORREBRO: A Resume Template For Kids

NORREBRO - Free Colorful Resume Template for Kids - ResumGO

This is our special gift to parents and teachers! NORREBRO is our resume template for kids! We know they are not looking for a job, but it is a great educational activity to make your children reflect on who they are and show it through a resume. It has a colorful design with fun boxes and clouds as section titles: they can describe who they are, the things they are good at, and the activities they like to do. Let’s put the fun back into resumes!

We hope you like our selection of the Best Creative Resume Templates. Your feedback is very important to us. Tell us what is the one you would pick!


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